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Men Rising Now™

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     New from the author of Communicating for Life and the Seven Dimensions of Relating course material, comes a resource designed especially for the needs of men who want to take their relating experiences to a new level.

    The purpose of Men Rising Now is to give men access to tools and information which are critical to personal growth and development, specifically as they relate to themselves and the people around them.

    In order for life to run smoothly and pleasurably and for our relationships to be what they could actually be, we need to be able to talk about everything.  Yet, we live in a culture of men who are ill equipped to engage in conversations on some critical issues.

    The price of men's reduced ability to communicate fully and listen effectively is being paid by children and grown ups and the elders as well.  It hurts us all and has been going on for generations.

    Life no longer needs to be that way.  You can actually be the role model your son or nephew or grandson needs in his life.


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    In order to move closer toward what is truly possible, a man needs three things:

  • useful information about the field of personal communicating and relating

  • a practice in which he repeats moves and techniques, the same as he would practice in karate and golf

  • a community of men who share his intention to up his [inner] game.

     For this reason, I have created a format called Men Rising Now which is for men of any age who have been looking for a way to break through limitations or stalemates in one or more close relationships.

     Membership is free and by application.  Not only are the weekly posts free, but when a person joins the forum, he receives 22 free introductory videos of each of the Seven Dimensions of Relating™.  This is because Men Rising Now is a venue for men who are training to make their closest relationships to be mutually more uplifting and not a drag.  For that to work, you need both a strong theoretical and practical foundation.

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     For the first time in one location, a complete, whole-person approach to personal relationships and communicating from Robert Bystrom, the author of Communicating for Life and the founder of The Seven Dimensions of Relating™.

     Because so much more is possible than we have been allowing ourselves to have and because so much is on the line.

     Men Rising Now is for men of any age who absolutely have to get a handle on personal communicating and relating because they cannot afford the cost or the emotional pain of another failed relationship.

     They can no longer afford the constriction from stuffing what they need to say just to keep from rocking the boat at home.

     Because everything in life depends on how we relate and communicate.

     I invite you to subscribe and share generously and participate in co-creating a more relationally fluent world--beginning with you and the people closest to you.

Thank you,


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