I work with independent decision makers who are committed to creating exceptional professional and personal lives for themselves and the people around them.

  • Executive Coaching   Men and women who desire to operate at the top of their game and to retain their personal integrity and sanity and to integrate their true priorities need to work with advisers who are comfortable talking strategic planning as well as personal relationships, integrity and legacy building.  Such leaders need this big picture thinking in their corner because it all matters in their day-to-day decision making.

  • Team Building   I help business leaders to create trust, clarity and confidence in their employees.  I show them how to take advantage of the pooled experience and intelligence of the people they work with by facilitating and teaching our proprietary problem solving Segue Game™ and Question-Driven Leadership™ programs.

  • Strategic planning and visioning    I help boards of directors and executive planning teams arrive at the true vision, purpose and mission of their organization and to clear the mental and emotional confusion and conflicts that impinge on their ability to achieve what they are here to be and to do.

  • Men Rising Now    I train men in the skills and perspectives necessary for stepping outside of their ordinary reality to create exceptional relationships.